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The imortal

31. 1. 2010
What is the time for me?

It is one month or hundreds years?

Isn’t it the same?


The boredom is my standard partner.

I haven’t got any friends

because the people are cowards.

And they don’t like difference.


I often hear their voice.

They are saying:

I am lonely.”

However, they don’t know

true meaning this word.


They don’t know what is the singles.

They have the family,

the friends,

the schoolfellows…


I have got only my immortality.

And it isn’t in the least for being happy.

I envy normal people the love,

the friends,

the smiles…


I envy theirs everything.

However, I envy the most,

that they can die.

Because they can do

only important things.


They haven’t got time for stupidity.



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