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My monologue

28. 1. 2010
I am always different than other people.

I am a black rose among red.

Nobody can understand my soul.

Nobody can see my true face.


I am sorry, but I don’t know…


I am a daybreak in a darkness.

I am a lonely sunbeam in the midnight.

Are you sorry for me?

Don’t do it!

I like it!


My life is a moonlight.

You can see it,

but you can’t touch it.

My soul is a butterfly.

When you are too close,

it would fly away.


I am a snowflake in summer.

I am a rainbow on a desert.

This world isn’t for me.

Why don’t  you want to see it?


You tell me beautiful things.

However, I am not a princess.

I am rather the dragon.


Every time, when I meet you,

I want to be yours.

But it isn’t possible.

It isn’t real.


When you are the sun,

I am the moon.

And these things can’t exist together.


Do you believe me?

You are naive!

These are only lies!



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